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Precision Teaching and Curriculum Based Measurement Similarities and Differences

Precision Teaching

Curriculum Based Measurement



frequent timed measures

frequent timed measures

usu brief timings

usu. brief timings

measurement pinpoints

measurement pinpoints

calendar base

calendar base

rel. fluency

rel. fluency

consider time dimension

consider time dimension



Emphasis on DAILY measurement

May only be at intervals for assessment

Standard Celeration Chart

graph paper or other

multiply-divide semilog scale

add-subtract linear scale

performance standards for RESAA*

Performance standard based on norm data

*Predictive of Retention, Endurance, Stability, Application and Adduction


For further reading:

Binder, C. Precision teaching and curriculum based measurement.

Journal of Precision Teaching, 7(2), 33-35.


Assessments and Curriculum Based Measurement


FREE Response to Intervention(RTI)/Jim Wright

Intervention Central

Pdfs, video clips and ChartDog2.0 display and report generator


FREE Get it Got it Go!

is your gateway to a comprehensive system for continuously measuring the skills and needs of individual children from birth to eight.


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(Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) Home Page


What Is Curriculum-Based Measurement And What Does It Mean to My Child?

Kathleen Mc Lane

National Center on Student Progress Monitoring


Frequently Asked Questions about Curriculum-Based Measurement

National Center on Student Progress Monitoring









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