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celeration charts

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It might come as a surprise that celeration charts come in many different versions depending on the frequency measurement of interest over a given period.


Here are the versions available from Behavior Research Co.


Click on each linked page to see a detailed zoom of the chart.


Tpmin-4EC Timings Chart--to measure multiple timings in a teaching session. Can also be used to record counts per minute across groups of 10 successive minutes. 10-10 minute blocks. In usual practice, either the first, median or best timing for the session or day is transferred to the Dpmin-12EC DAILY per minute chart.


Dpmin-12EC DAILY per minute chart--the benchmark chart, and the one that is most used and familiar. Originally the "Standard Behavior Chart". Frequencies are recorded in frequencies per MINUTE on a daily basis. 140 calendar days.


Dpday-2EC DAILY per day. For recording frequencies per DAY, vs. per minute. 140 calendar days.


Wpmin-4EC WEEKLY per minute. For recording frequencies per minute per WEEK. 100 calendar weeks.


Wpwk-3EC WEEKLY per week. For recording frequencies per WEEK per week. 100 calendar weeks.


Mpmin-EC MONTHLY per minute. (6/13/09 No longer available) For recording counts per minute over 120 calendar months/10 calendar years.


Mpmon-3EC MONTHLY per month--Count per month over 120 calendar months/10 calendar years.


YC-1EN YEARLY per year. Counts per year. 10 calendar decades/100 calendar years.





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