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Definitions of ABA

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Definitions and Dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis






"...The label applied is not determined by the research procedures used but by the interest in which society shows in the problems being studied. In behavioral application, the behavior, stimuli and/or organism under study are chosen because of their importance to man and society, rather than their importance to theory..."



"Behaviorism and pragmatism seem often to go hand in hand. Applied research is eminently pragmatic; it asks how it is possible to get an individual to do something effectively..."




"The analysis of a behavior, as the term is used here, requires a believable demonstration of the events that can be responsible for the occurence or non-occurence of that behavior...."




"Technological"...means simply that the techniques making up a particular behavioral application are completely identified and described..."



Conceptual systems

"...published descriptions are not only precisely technological, but also strive for relevance to principle...this can have the effect of making a body of technology into a discipline, rather than a collection of tricks..."



"If the application of behavioral techniques does not produce large enough effects for practical value, then application has failed..."



"A behavioral change may be said to have generality if it proves durable over time, if it appears in a wide variety of possible environments, or if it spreads to a wide variety of related behaviors..."



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