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Eric Haughton (1934-1985)

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Eric Christian Haughton (June 11, 1934- July 1985)



Ogden Lindsley's article, In memorium: Eric C. Haughton 1934-1985.


Courtesy of ABA International sharing the archived contents of volumes 1-30 of The Behavior Analyst online at PubMed Central,

Ogden Lindsley's article in honor of Eric Haughton is now available in open access.


Lindsley, O.R. (1986). In memorium: Eric C. Haughton 1934-1985. The Behavior Analyst, 9(2), 241-242.



Eric C Haughton"A compilation of messages in memory of Dr. Eric C. Haughton, co-founder with Ogden R. Lindsley of Precision Teaching,teacher and mentor to many, friend, creator, artist, extraordinary contributor. These letters and messages were compiled by Jim Pollard some months after Eric left us, for the enjoyment of all who knew Eric and to pass forward his memory to those who did not know him. May 22, 1986"



Publications, manuscripts and presentations, in approximate chronological order


Below is a best-effort compilation of Dr. Haughton's published papers, but does not claim to be a comprehensive bibliography.

Please email with additional citations that should be included.

Those titles in bold indicate full-text access; otherwise links are to worldcat.org library listings.

Journal of Precision Teaching articles link to the Journal of Precision Teaching webpage.


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Also available from Behavior Research Co. in the Teaching Exceptional Children Selected Reprints.


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Precision Teaching Hub and Wiki page on construction of the myriad counter/wrist abacus-style counter.


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Board of Education. May be available from, Haughton Learning Center,c/o Elizabeth Haughton, Jackson, CA.


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Haughton, E.C. (1984). Standards: Refining measurement. Journal of Precision Teaching, 4(4), 96-99.



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