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Historical  Kunzelmann and Koenig fireside chat

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Kunzelmann & Koenig "fireside chat" online

5/8/08 Seeking the written accompaniment to these tapes. Also see notes under "REFERENCES" below


Original SCListserv post, Scott Born

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 18:58:38 -0600


Audio accompaniment to the Learning Screening


Harold Kunzelmann and Carl Koenig discuss aspects of Precision Teaching in the context of evaluating skills and "learning" using their Learning Screening © 1975. Distributed by permission.


Instructional tape for teachers.

Cassette, Side One (low resolution mono mpeg layer 3 file) 3.4M (~20:00)


Cassette, Side Two (low resolution mono mpeg layer 3 file) 3.3M (~20:00)


Koenig, C.H. , & Kunzelman, H.P. (1977). Learning screening. Kansas City, MO: International Management Systems.*


Two audio tapes were included in the screening -- an instructional tape for teachers (above) and a timing / "hear write" tape with music or timing beeps. On cross-checking the tape contents with the 1981 REFER & LEARNING SCREENING document, while some areas may overlap conceptually, it appears that the above tape does not correspond exactly, or necessarily closely with the 1981 document.


Converted from analog to digital and reduced to 12bit / 16Kbps mono in order to share.(note to check year) 1975, and between the bits when they refer to materials to which you probably have no access, there are many gems. Certainly worth the hour or so to hear about the things to which they were attending and appropriating behavior at that time. Also interesting to hear what they don't say.


Koenig, C.H. , & Kunzelman, H.P. (1977). Learning screening. Kansas City, MO: International Management Systems.*

No listing under worldcat library search


International Management Systems listed in Industrial Research Laboratories of the United States. Jaques Cattell Press. Technology & Engineering, 1977. Bowker, Co., ISBN 0835209865

p. 335.

"1192 INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Dr Carl Koenig, Field of R&D: Third party evaluation of training, services..."


Koenig, C. H., & Kunzelmann, H. P. (1981). Classroom learning screening. Columbus: Charles E. Merrill. ISBN 10: 0675080959 ISBN-13:9780675080958

Related: Kunzelmann, H.P. & Koenig, C.H. (1981). Manual for REFER & LEARNING SCREENING. Columbus: Charles E. Merrill. 30 pgs.

Seeking additional notes on this document

REFER Scoring protocol

Seeking additional notes on this document

Current Ladders comments (1973).

1. Seeking additional notes on this document

2. The full set of Curriculum Ladders is in the archived materials of Dr. Ogden R. Lindsley






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