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IPTC 2007 info

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11/12/07--International Precision Teaching Conference 2007, Kansas City is over for this year.

If you want to see what you missed and get a taste of what is offered, here's a copy of the program from the Standard Celeration Society.

Stay tuned for info on IPTC 2008, which is planned for Rutgers, NJ.


Past IPTC or other PT conferences

There is some contradiction via google and in publications as to which annual conference

, hence the out of sequence or replicated numbers.

If anyone has accurate information to correct or corroborate this information,

please contact us.Thanks.


?1977Kalispell, MTJulyBig Sky Precision Teaching Conference
?1985Seattle, WAMay
? 1986?
?1987Logan, UT?
71988 Orlando, FLJanuaryPrecision Learning/Precision Teaching Conference
8 1989 San Diego, CA March
91990Boston, MANovember
10?1992Park City, UT3/25-28
11?1993Salt Lake City, UT
10?1997 Hartford/Farmington, CT10/30-11/1
111998Sarasota, FLMarch
121999Provo, UT11/4-5?
132000West Hartford, CT?
152002Harrisburg, PA11/8-9
162003Columbus, OH11/6-8
172004Lisle/Napierville, IL11/18-20
182005Pittsburg, PA 11/3-5
192006Lisle/Napierville, IL11/2-4
202007Kansas City, MO11/1-3

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