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Precision Teaching Links and Resources

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For texts, see *Bibliography*


Precision Teaching (PT) links and contact info!!

Info collated by Regina Claypool-Frey, January 2007. Updated March, 2007. Corrections November 2007




Precision Teaching wiki

This website--Descriptions of PT, links, training and service providers, files, bibliography and more.


The Standard Celeration Society

: The official website of the Standard Celeration Society, the society that supports PT and its development; it also has numerous links to professionals using PT, and PT projects.


Submission guidelines for the The Journal of Precision Teaching and Celeration

Official Journal of the Standard Celeration Society

From the Journal Description

"JPTC provides a a forum"... "and is dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of Precision Teaching and Standard Celeration technologies..."

Types of Articles/original contributions: Application, Research, Discussion, Chart Shares, Technical Notes.


SCSListserv archives


AimChart  & Precision Teaching Wiki

Descriptions of PT, files, bibliography and more.

--NOTE:11/23/07: There are problems with the link. Am seeking to verify whether the link is active and if/when the issue might be fixed.


*Precision Teaching Module/Athabascau University*

: The website for David Polson’s and Lyle Grant’s course at Athabasca University; it contains an excellent introduction to PT.


Precision Teaching (PT)

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies




John W. Eshleman

Standard Celeration Chart Topics

Definitions, types of celerations, learningpictures,data shares, resources, special topics, links


Standard Celeration Charting Blog


Instructional Systems

Instructional systems and designs, learning pictures, glossary, references, links


Carl Binder

The Fluency Project, Inc. / Fluency.org

PT papers and manuscripts


Richard (Rick) Kubina

The Pennsylvania State University

Precision Teaching and Standard Celeration Charting

About PT, practice sheets, performance standards,

publications and presentations.


The PT Party

More light-hearted, with videos,online chartshares


Jesus Rosales Ruiz

University of North Texas

Collaborative chartshare /in progress/:promises support in the task of collecting large groups of Charts (metacharting) and preparing Charts for scientific publication.


Red Sarna

Precision Teaching info, links and practice sheets


John Shewmaker



Precision Teaching papers (MSWord.doc format)


Owen R. White

University of Washington

EDSPE 510 Classroom Measurement and Management





Web-based PT measurement and visualization system



Online sales--books and timers


Behavior Research Co.

THE SOURCE for, and founder of, the Standard Celeration Charts.

Books, charts, other materials—online orders only


Celeration Technologies/Thinkfast Software

Fluency building software


Chart EXT

charting and data analysis software



Karen Pryor

Clicker gear—i-click, box clickers



Online tutoring with charting


Different Roads to Learning

Many products for autism/special needs,

but also a large selection of timers and counters


Florida Department of Education, Division of Community Colleges & Workforce Education

Techniques of Precision Teaching: Training Manual, Math Basic Skills Curriculum, Reading Basic Skills Curriculum


Great Leaps

math, reading curriculum materials


Haughton Learning Center

reading, writing, math curriculum materials


HeadsproutTM Early Reading

Online phonics reading instruction


The Invisible Clock-II

Personal vibrating or beeping timer with multiple variable alarms and stopwatch function


Morningside Press

Fluency supplements for core curriculum


Practice Math Sheets

Red Sarna

Online practice sheet generator


PracticeMill/Provalis Research

PracticeMill instructional development program,

also other statistical programs available.


PracticeSheeterTM software

Zero Brothers

For info on products

Steve Graf, email: thegraffer@zoominternet.net

Jack Auman, email: zerobdev@aol.com


Sopris WestTM Educational Services

Search: “Skill Builders”

Curriculum, intervention and assessment materials



Direct instruction +Precision Teaching curriculum materials,webcam tutoring, freebies



Visual and auditory timers




Achieve Fluency Autism and rel. disabilities

c/o Danusia Pawska, Christine Cukar

Greenwich, CT.


AimStar Precision Learning Center

c/o Elayne Nickolaou, George Vinci

Bollingbrook, IL



Binder-Riha Associates

c/o Carl Binder, Cynthia Riha

Bainbridge Island, WA


Calkin Learning Center

c/o Abigail B. Calkin

Augustus, AK

:From her site: "In her work with adults and children, Abigail B. Calkin has combined Precision Teaching and inner behavior since 1975. Her published writing includes novels, poems, articles, and books on education."


Children’s Center for Developmental Enrichment / Oakstone Academy

Autism and rel. disabilities

Columbus, OH


Fabrizio/Moors Consulting

Autism and rel. disabilities

c/o Michael Fabrizio, Allison Moors

Seattle, WA


Haugland Consulting

c/o Morten and Kristi Haugland


Columbus, OH


Haughton Learning Center

c/o Elizabeth Haughton

Jackson, CA


Learning Acceleration Clinic(LAB)

c/o Michael Hixson

Psychological Training and Consultation Center

Central Michigan University

Mount Pleasant, MI


*Patrick McGreevy*

Autism and rel. disabilities

Winter Park, FL


*Richard McManus*

Director of the Fluency Factory/Beal St. Academy

Hingham, MA

Please call 781-749-7400 for information and pricing.


*Morningside Academy*

c/o Kent Johnson

Seattle, WA


*Saplings Model of Education (for children with autism)*

c/o Ken Kerr, director

Co. Kildare, Ireland


*Clay M. Starlin, Ed. D.*

International Educational Systems Project (IESP)

P.O. Box 3662

Eugene, OR 97403

541 345-7458

email: Clays@uoregon.edu


*Step by Step Learning Group*

c/o Kevin Cauley

Contact for specific populations served

Georgetown, Ontario, Canada





Free web based Standard Celeration Charting (Precision Teaching Charting.) Allows you to create charts, add data to them, overlay multiple charts and share data. Also administers this site.


*Ben Bronz Academy/ The Learning Incentive, Inc.*

c/o Ian Spence and Aileen Stans-Spence

West Hartford, CT


*HeadsproutTM Early Reading*

Online phonics reading instruction


*My Breakfast Reading Program* /Free supplemental/

c/o Dick Briggs




c/o Michael Maloney

Belleville, Ontario,Canada




*APL School*

(Projected opening Fall 2007)

incl. autism, ADHD

c/o Alison Moors

4501 46th Av. NE

Seattle, WA 98105

email: info@APLschool.org


*Behaviour Institute*

c/o Joel Hundert

Autism and rel. disabilities.

Use Teach Your Children Well curriculum

Toronto, Canada


*Beal Street Academy/The Fluency Factory*

c/o Richard McManus

Hingham MA


*Ben Bronz Academy/ The Learning Incentive, Inc.*

c/o Ian Spence and Aileen Stans-Spence

West Hartford, CT


*Cache Valley Learning Center*

c/o Anne Desjardins

private school

Logan UT


*Charter Day School / Roger Bacon Academy*

c/o Mark Cramer, Baker Mitchell

Public charter school

Leland, NC


*Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center/Rutgers*

Autism and rel. disabilities /Special needs

New Brunswick, NJ


*Fort Fraser Elementary School/(Nechako Lakes' Precision Teaching School)*

Public school

British Columbia, Canada


*Judge Rotenberg Center*

Special needs including severe population

Canton, MA


*Learning Centre for Autistic Children/The Red Door*

Autism and rel. disabilities / Special needs

Blackrock, Co. Dublin., Ireland


*Morningside Academy*

c/o Kent Johnson

Seattle, WA


*Oakstone Academy / Childrens Center for Developmental Enrichment*

private—Autism and typical

Columbus, OH


*Saplings Model of Education (for children with autism)*

Autism and rel. disabilities / Special needs

Co. Kildare, Ireland


*School Union #44*



*Step by Step Learning Group*

c/o Kevin Cauley

Contact for specific populations served

Georgetown, Ontario, Canada




*Academy for Precision Learning Tutoring Center*

incl. autism, ADHD

c/o Alison Moors

4501 46th Av. NE

Seattle, WA 98105


*AimStar Precision Learning Center*

c/o Elayne Nickolaou, George Vinci

Bollingbrook, IL



*Center for Advanced Learning*

c/o Kimberley Berens,

Reno NV


*Direct Tutoring*

c/o Alexandra (Sacha) Luria-Smith

Portland OR


*Dolan Learning Center*

c/o Janet Dolan

18500 156th Av. NE

Woodinville, WA 98072



*Exeter Speech Language & Education Associates*

Exeter, NH


*The Fluency Factory/Beal Street Academy*

c/o Richard McManus

Hingham MA


*Haugland Learning Center*

c/o Morten and Kristi Haugland

Columbus, OH


*Haughton Learning Center*

c/o Elizabeth Haughton

Jackson, CA


Learning Acceleration Clinic (LAB)*

c/o Michael Hixson

Psychological Training and Consultation Center

Central Michigan University

Mount Pleasant, MI


*Precision Learning Centre*

c/o Grant Coulson,

2311 Major Mackenzie Drive Maple, ON L6A 1P5

Tel: 905-832-0045

email: gcoulson@sympatico.ca


*QLC Educational Services & QLC Learning Centre*,

c/o Michael Maloney

Belleville, Ontario,Canada


*Sources Learning Centre*

8 2nd St W, Cornwall, ON, Canada

Phone: (613) 930-9206


*TriArch Educational Services*

Whitby, Cobourg, Peterborough, Scarborough, Toronto—Canada




*AIMSweb Progress Monitoring and Response to Intervention System*


*University of South Florida Glossary for Behavior Analysis*


*The Math Worksheet Site.com*


*Official DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) Home Page*


*Schoolhouse Technologies*


*SRA Direct Instruction Curriculum Packages*


*Superkids Math Worksheet Creator*


*Supplementary Materials for \"Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons*\". (Dr. Phyllis Haddox's website)


*Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons*, 1986 Engelmann, S., Haddox, P., Bruner, E. Fireside.


*TAGteach International*

Behavioral shaping by "TAGteach"/clicker training


*Stuff from the Computer of Zig Engelmann*

Works and thoughts from the originator of the Direct Instruction curriculum (DISTAR, Reading Mastery, etc.)


Behavior Analyst Online journals--open access journals



Website of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA)


Archived JABA

--1968 to present with a 6 month/2 issue embargo


Website of the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior


Archived JEAB

--1958 to present with a 6 month/2 issue embargo

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