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PT Acronyms

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Original list J.W. Eshleman, Ed.D, BCBA 1998, SCListserv post

Bold are those commonly used


AcronymStands forReference
ALWAMSIAt least we always must select it
B.F.SKINNERBehavior, Frequency, Standard slope charts,Kid knows best, Induction, N of 1, No observer, Environment,Relationship recording
CGConfidence, Generativity
FUNFun, Understanding, No cheating(1) 116
HINIBUHorrible if not invented by us
LCSLeaps, Confidence, Stress innoculation(1) 116
MUSICMultiply, Unique, Specific, Independent, Consequence(1) 116
PATUMPart, Accurate, Think, Understand, Minutes
PRACTICEDParticular, Rapid, Added, Counted, Timed, Informed,Charted, Errorful, Daily
PRICEPinpoint, Record, Intervene, Chart, Evaluate
R/A PSRetention, Application, Performance Standards
REAPS Retention, Endurance, Application, Performance Standards(1) 116
RESA(A)Retention, Endurance, Stability, Application, (Adduction)(2)
RRPPReward, Relief, Punish, Penalty
SAFMEDSSay All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled
SLOBSSlow, Loud, One, Big, Simplify (stop SLOBS!)(stop SLOBS!)
SURASharp, Unique, Ready, Ambient
TBRO Teaching By Reward Only
WINIBUWorse if not altered by us



(1).$ Graf,S. and Lindsley, O. (2002) Standard Celeration Charting 2002. Youngstown, OH: Graf Implements.

Available at the Behavior Research Company and Behavior Development Solutions


(2) $ Johnson, K.R., Layng, T.V. (1992).

Breaking the structuralist barrier: Literacy and numeracy with fluency.

American Psychologist. 47(11), Nov 1992, 1475-1490.




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