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Site Announcements

Page history last edited by Regina Claypool-Frey 14 years, 5 months ago



6/29/09 FAQs about the Standard Celeration Chart overhauled


The page has been jazzed up with linking thumbnails and illustrations of conceptis (Calendar Synchronization Date).



6/16/09 Helping users find Standard Celeration Charts!

New users may have learned how to chart but not where to find them! To simplify this, I'm adding highlighted links on the FAQs--about the Standard Celeration Chart to give users the choice of going directly to the Behavior Research Company, source of the original standard celeration chart, or to the page here on alternative charts, if that is what one chooses ot use. In addition, the chart on the homepage is now a link to Behavior Research Company, so hopefully that will give users several options to more easily find charts to drop dots on.



6/14/09 Pardon my dust--cleaning up the site.

I haven't been attending to the wiki as often as I should and see that there are some links and info that are out of date, I've also received very cool powerpoints and pdfs that are awaiting upload, and there's some stylistic changes I've wanted to do since the move to the new upgrade. Just a note to let readers know that I'm going to be working on this and if you happen on a bad link, please feel free to let me know--the help is much appreciated!



5/4/09 NEW: Precision Teaching Hub and Wiki Blog! 

To keep life a little simpler, rather than just post news events here at the Hub, I've set up a blog, the

Precision Teaching Hub and Wiki Blog to give myself little more flexibility in making announcements and possibly later having "discussions" on papers or other related to Precision Teaching. There are a couple of convenient features associated with a blog platform--being able subscribe to announcements by email or by RSS feed, and there is ability to leave comments about the post for questions, updates, etc.

The link to the Blog is in the right sidebar, under "News", and at the Blog, there's a link back to this site, so I hope that it will be fairly easy to move back and forth between the two.

Hope it's helpful!



12/11/08 Indices to JPT & JPTC updated.

Indices to the journals have been updated to include the 2005 paper issue 21(1).


12/11/08 Request for help on Chart Parent Tree

I am updating a chart parent tree. Corroboration, correction, and additions are welcome and encouraged! Thanks.



12/11/08 Rearrangement of IPTC page and request for information

To simplify the International Precision Teaching Conference page, this section has been further broken out into separate pages for each year--IPTC2008, IPTC2007, etc. These pages are in progress, but the goal is to link to presentations from the various years.


As noted at the page, there is some inconsistency in the published chronology of the conference; help with additional information would be greatly appreciated!



5/8/08 Historical Interest: Carl H. Koenig & Harold P. Kunzelmann--Learning Screening 40 minutes

Koenig, C.H. , & Kunzelmann, H.P. (1977). Learning screening. Kansas City, MO: International Management Systems




4/27/08 New page-"JPT & JPTC articles organized by Topic

On occasion it seems useful to have articles organized by topic, rather than the usual volume/issue or alphabetic indexing.

The new page is JPT and JPTC articles by topic area



2/29/08 PT related presentations and meetings at the ABA-International Conference

I've set up a new page with Symposia, paper sessions, posters and events of interest to Precision Teachers that are happening at the ABA-International Annual Conference, May 23-27,2008, Chicago, IL.

This will be the setting for one of the semi-annual Standard Celeration Society business meetings, and the Ogden R. Lindsley annual Standard Celeration Chart Share.


If you are presenting on a PT-related topic and don't see your talk or poster listed, please

EMAIL ME with your session number and name, and I'll add you to the schedule!



2/3/08 SCS Nov. 2007 Business Meeting Minutes, and Feb. 2008 SCS Bylaws

The minutes from the SCS business meeting at the IPTC 20, November 2007, with additional notes from the October 16, 2007 Executive Meetings are posted to the SCListserv, and the updated SCS Bylaws with new clause specifying changes in balloting method.

SCS Business Meeting Minutes, Nov. 2007 + Oct. 2007 Executive Committee Meeting.

SCS Bylaws, dated Feb. 2008



1/18/08 Online Realplayer audio of The Morningside Model of Generative Instruction: "Leaving No Child Behind-How Behavioral Science Can Help".

Originally broadcast in 2004 by South Dakota Public Radio. Interviews with Kent Johnson and Kris Melroe of Morningside Academy and with a local teacher and administrator in South Dakota discussing training, use and success with the Morningside Model of Generative Instruction.


12/4/07 Changing links from Fabrizio-Moors to Organization for Research and Learning

The former Fabrizio-Moors consulting group is now Organization for Research and Learning. Alison Moors is now the Director of Academy for Precision Teaching please check out for info on this new program. Since the old Fabrizio Moors links no longer transfer to the ORL site, I am changing the links to reflect the current/correct info. Thanks for your patience while I get caught up.



6/22/07 New Excel Template posted. BETA-version SCCFB_dcpm_v7_2a.xls 

"this template contains a new chart used to display the Absolute Mean Ratio (AMR). The mAMR Chart displays this descriptive measure of movement cycle variability over time using a moving 'window'."



6/14/07 Creation of Stuart Harder Charting Templates

Stu Harder has been working hard to develop a family of charting templates, and to give those their own place of honor, they've been moved to

Stuart Harder Charting Templates

Thanks Stu for so much hard work and generosity in sharing these templates!!


Apologies in advance if you hit a dead link to one of the Excel templates on this site. I am working to update the links.

Please emailme if you find a dead link. Please let me know the page so that I can fix it ASAP. Thanks.


6/11/07 New Excel Charting Templates SCCFB_ycpy_

6/14--These links have been inactivated (see above note).

Stu Harder has kindly shared two new charting templates, which can be found at


These are yearly per year templates with 6 decades,

SCCFB_ycpy_v7_0 (Range .1-100,000)

SCCFB_ycpy_1__v7_0 (Range 1-1,000,000)


5/16/07 Stu Harder's Stacked dots EXCEL template v.6-0b

Stu Harder's Stacked dots EXCEL template v.6-0b (SCCFB(mdf(dcpm)v.6-0b)has been posted and can be downloaded.



If you get a chance, give Stu a "thanks" for generously creating and sharing these templates!!



5/2/07 SCCFB (daily count per minute) Charting Template v7-1_w,

SCCFB (daily count per minute) Charting Template v7-1_w,

which can be found at WORKSHEETS AND TEMPLATES



4/30/07 Calendar Synchronization through 2023 added 

A pdf of calendar synchronization dates through 2023 has been added to the

FAQs about the Standard Celeration Chart.



4/25/07 New Charting Template v7-0_w and articles added 

Stu Harder has sent on a further debugged version of the

SCCFB (daily count per minute) Charting Template v7-0_w,

which can be found at WORKSHEETS AND TEMPLATES


New articles in the ARTICLES OF INTEREST by

Dr. William L. Heward, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University, including,

Ten Faulty Notions About Teaching and Learning That Hinder the

Effectiveness of Special Education,


a very cool math site with programs from simple quantity and numerals through timetelling, money and other math skills. Check out King's List of On-line Math Activities on the



Have a great day.



4/23/07 view/save pdf function [note 6/23/09--this feature "buggy"; being removed]

If you look at the top left hand corner of each page, there should now be a little link To view/save page as pdf.

This should convert the webpage to a printable pdf to make it easier to printout for a hardcopy.

Contact me if you have a chance, to let me know how it works for you and how the wiki is working in general.


Thanks! I think I'm taking a few days off from wiki-world! Have a good week.




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