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Zero Brothers products

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Zero Brothers Products

For current information and questions about Zero Brothers Products, contact:

Steve Graf

Graf Implements

7779 Lee Run Road

Poland, OH 44514-2510






Payment made payable to "Graf Implements" by check or money order.

Package is shipped via Priority Mail to U.S. locations from zip code 44514.

Postage is paid by shipper to continental USA addresses.

SAFMEDS:A Tool to Build Fluency

Stephen A. Graf, Ph.D., and Jack Auman, M.A.

Listed price is $35

The SAFMEDS package includes:

  • 52-page Document: SAFMEDS: A Tool to Build Fluency
  • The document is Information Mapped and includes:
    • 7 pages on background
    • 6 pages on how to develop SAFMEDS
    • 8 pages on problems and solutions to SAFMEDS development
    • 7 pages on production of SAFMEDS
    • 11 pages on how to use SAFMEDS
    • 6 pages on other fluency possibilities
    • How to use a Daily Timing Record Sheet to monitor SAFMEDS learning



Standard Celeration Charting 2002

Steve Graf, and Og Lindsley

Listed price is $40


What the Book Covers

    • Frequency
    • Celeration
    • Bounce
    • Jumps and Turns
    • Outliers
    • Standard and Fill the Frame Charts
    • Percent Correct Charts and Dangers
    • Varieties of SCCs
    • Learning Pictures
    • Baselines and Experimental Design
    • Includes SCC SAFMEDS to learn.



The One Year Standard Celeration Chart

Steve Graf, Jack Auman & Og Lindsley

Listed at $100


What the Program Does

    • Locates the dots, Xs and Time Bars on a One Year SCC
    • Draws 8 main types of Celeration lines through Frequencies.
    • Calculates all Celeration values for you.
    • Labels Change Effects (Jumps and Turns)
    • Measures Change Effect values for you
    • Draws Bounce
    • Measures Bounce
    • Measures Verge
    • Calculates odds of Outliers
    • Calculates odds of Jump due to chance
    • Calculates odds of Turn due to chance
    • Draws Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Celerations from daily data
    • Shows Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Celeration Values






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